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PROJECTS - Let's Get Growing

Seasonal High Tunnels

High tunnels (also known as hoop houses) are structures that modify the growing climate, allowing for tender, sensitive, and specialty crops like certain varieties of vegetables, herbs, berries, and others to grow where they otherwise may not. High tunnels are constructed of metal bow frames with wood framed ends, at least six feet in height, and are covered with one or two layers of polyethylene.


Mushroom Cultivation

Cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms is becoming increasingly popular, both as a hobby and for profit. The AAIF Mushroom Cultivation workshop provides an overview of mushroom cultivation and guidelines for how to start growing your own mushrooms.

Seed to Market Trainings

Topics range seed selection, niche markets, record keeping, farmers markets, co-operatives, wholesale, retail, etc.


Pallet Gardening

A hands on workshop for all ages in which you will create your very own Pallet Garden to keep and grow.

Let's Get Growing Campaign - Help Grow Farmers & Farm Operations - Join Today!

Our goal is to strengthen the connections between farmers and their consumers, between experienced farmers and new/beginning youth farmers and between farmers and youth hoping to find a career in agriculture. The mission of the “Let’s Get Growing” - Sustainable Agriculture Workshop(s) is to further the practice of agriculture through an exchange of information. Our mission is to preserve our ancestral lands, heritage, and lifestyle while providing our families and communities with healthy food. Come join the fun, and join the vision!This hands-on workshop will cover the basic, sustainable practices of building and maintaining a garden. Topics covered will include: seed and variety selection, planting practices as well as how to plan and manage your crops throughout the seasons.


Click here to join the Let's Get Growing Program:


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